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How secure is the ProfitPlus company?

2020-06-08 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

How secure is the ProfitPlus company?

2020-06-08 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
ProfitPlus MLM Review

There are some indications that Profit Plus is not safe, and it is not convenient for you to become a client of this site. Like all cryptocurrency sites, it also has an official site where a regulatory agency is present. Only with this point should you be afraid to invest in Profit Plus.

All the safe cryptocurrency pages make it clear to all clients which agency they make the regulations for. But this is not the only indication since this company works through automated trading software. In case you don’t know, automated trading software is famous for its scam scheme form.

As you can see, this forex broker is not regulated and is one of the main reasons for not being a safe site. This means that if you lose an investment through Profit Plus, there will be no one to take responsibility for that fact. Currency brokers that do not have any type of regulation have their particular way of operating:

  • They insist people be encouraged to make a minimum initial deposit.
  • This website will be in charge of trying with any method for you to give in to making that deposit.
  • They will offer you very tentative offers that seem very good to be true.
  • This website makes you believe that you can earn up to $ 100 a day in a very easy way.

You should know these types of features that many websites use to achieve your conviction. When you deposit with an unregulated company, you are immediately transferred to a withholding agent. This agent will take care of getting more money from you through trickery.

Do not trust sites like Profit Plus

Other irregularities that occur in Profit Plus is when withdrawing funds. When you are going to withdraw your funds, you must quickly send a withdrawal request. This process should be quick since your funds will never be safe in a site that is not regulated.

This process begins to complicate your operations since when you want to withdraw your money, it will take time. Whether you have earnings or not, you may be delayed by up to 6 months and you can never withdraw from the fund. Once a long time has passed, you will not be able to file a chargeback, and thus your money will be gone.

Regardless of the times, you insist on withdrawing your money; this process will be impossible since it is most likely that you will not recover it. There is a managed account agreement that by signing, it authorizes the company to do whatever they want with their account. In this way, you will not have any support to claim the withdrawal of your funds.

Two options can be useful to recover the money that you have deposited in Profit Plus:

1- You must keep any evidence that can verify that you have deposited on the site. You must keep the emails where it shows that you have requested the refund of your money. Thus, there will be evidence that you have made your withdrawal request.

2- You must immediately make a chargeback, and to do so, you must contact the bank or the provider of your credit card. You must explain how they convinced you to deposit with a company that is not regulated. Also, you need to make several attempts to get your money back.

You can get back the money you have deposited

These two options already mentioned you can use them to try to get your money back. These options will affect the company and you will recover your money. By having many chargebacks, the at-fault company will have problems with payment service providers.

If you have no idea how to contact the bank to present your case, there is a lot of information on the web so you can get advice. Of course, you should go through this process without letting the company where you deposit your money know to take action. If you’ve submitted a cable, you should opt for a more consistent fight.

You can let the misleading company know that you will go to the authorities to complain about their poor service. They may consider giving you a refund. You can also write a letter with your complaint and send it via email to regulatory agencies.

You can google the regulatory agency for forex brokers, but it will depend on the country you live in. By knowing to which address you should send your mail or a letter explaining how you have been tricked into depositing your money. You can let the scam company know that you will do this procedure.

You must report that Profit Plus has scammed you

Don’t be quiet

You must assert your rights, and knowing that there are some possibilities to get your money back, you should use these tools. Like you, indeed, other people were scammed by Profit Plus, and they are tricks that should not be seen as normal.

Comment on the web about the scam you are a victim of

Although you may not believe it for the deceptive company, it will be very worrying to realize that you have a bad reputation on the web. In some forums or other places where you can comment, tell about your experience with Profit Plus so that people know how this company operates. Also, it will be a way to save other users from losing their money.

If you know how the company Profit Plus operates many people can save themselves. That is why experts recommend by users and by people who know this site to review all Forex companies.

This way, you will know all the sufficient information before making a transaction in a company that works with scams. You must be sure that you will make a deal with a regulated and reliable broker before you negotiate with your money. On the web, you can see many comments from users that indicate that their experience with Profit Plus has been negative.

For example, Profit Plus indicates that when you request the fund withdrawal, it may take 14 days when the opposite is true. There are many benefits that they claim to offer just for you to access.

Insistence is a sign that the company you want to invest in is not as safe as you think. By reading the comments of other users on the web, you will know what to abstain from if you happen to experience similar circumstances. If you want to trade through the web, you must first consult on the web.

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