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Know the BizzTrade Currency Model

2020-07-13 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

Know the BizzTrade Currency Model

2020-07-13 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
BizzTrade Review MLM

It is common to see currency and cryptocurrency frauds online these days with tempting promises. To attract the attention of internet visitors, BizzTrade presents a business model offering Forex training. Since the beginning of 2019, the BizzTrade project was born, which involved several co-founders as managers.

RehanGohar and RizwanGohar are brothers in charge of the business along with GurpreetDhaliwal. The company started operations by registering a cede in the UK; this is part of a model to attract fools. Like most market companies, BizzTrade makes a pyramid e-commerce model.

Pyramids are a way that many companies in the world use to attract new interested parties giving certain profits. However, BizzTrade is only trying to convince people to invest money that they won’t return. Anyone who offers you a membership and does not have a product should be immediately suspicious.

The only attraction BizzTrade has to attract people to its operations is to offer a membership for its affiliation. They offer Membership with a pyramid system that allows you to increase your earnings for each recruited they get. Now you must know more about the business model so that you realize the nefarious deception.

On the web, the Company Name has as BIZZTRADE, and it promises to teach you how to work with the FOREX system. FOREX is a currency exchange market has been running for over 100 years, and many scammers cheat on it. Although I promise to educate myself in the business, they only sell you promises to keep your money and erase your illusions.

What does the BIZZTRADE Business Model propose?

The BizzTrade company provides its affiliates with several promises placed on a business model that seems convincing until you analyze it well. All affiliates end up making an investment over 10,000 for maximum earnings and rapid escalation. Although it seems that everything starts under a membership selling an affiliation of 50 euros later, you will have to invest more.

The business model is divided into the following levels of primary investment to obtain profits through the FOREX system:

  • Starter Level: You invest 50 Euros and receive 0.4% a day.
  • Pro Starter Level: With an investment of 100 Euros, you earn 0.4% a day.
  • Business Level: With an investment of 500 Euros, you receive a profit of 0.6% per day.
  • Pro Bussiness Level: With an investment of 1000 Euros, you receive a profit of 0.6% per day.
  • Operator Level: With an Investment of 10,000 Euros, you receive a profit of 0.8 a day.
  • Pro Trader Level: With an investment of 10,000 Euros, you receive a profit of 0.8 per day.

At this point, you may have the questions of how long you will receive your earnings. BizzTrade promises you a 400% return on investment, and you will have to reinvest to make new profits. However, planning the scam doesn’t end there as it sells you other ideas to earn by recruiting new members.

The Bizz TRADE Recruitment Commissions

Without a doubt, the scam levels of BizzTrade has to attract people’s attention. Each affiliate invests a commission of 10% of the funds that you get personally promising him wonders. It is certainly risky for you to put your faith in a shell company and encourage other people to make investments.

From the beginning of BizzTrade, they promised a binary compensation system distributed in percentage according to the volume of affiliates. BizzTrade offers to its affiliates an 8% percentage of the weakest binary team. The website distributes the compensation for affiliates as follows.

  • Starter level: 8% of the investment volume of your team.
  • Pro Starter level: 8% of the investment volume of your equipment.
  • Business level: 9% of the investment volume of the recruited group
  • Pro Business Level: 9% of the investment volume of the recruited group
  • Trader Level: 10% of the investment volume of the claimed group.
  • Pro Trader level: Same as the trader level.

At this point, participants should be suspicious because BizzTrade does not specify daily earned income. From the first point, the volume of the percentage per affiliate sounds very interesting, but you must be very careful about it. This company lacks sustenance, and it does not seem strange to you that it accumulates an investment and runs away with the money later.

Other compensations promised by BizzTrader

Apart from the compensation promised, other bonuses suggest that you earn more money without any effort. The website distributes the bonus as follows:

  • For having affiliates in the first level, they earn 10% of the investment.
  • For having second level affiliates, they earn 5% of the investment

The peculiarity of these bonds is that you can only get it when your investment makes you qualify for Trader or Pro Trader. Of course, other bonuses are for achieving new ranks in the company. At this point, the company no longer offers you a percentage of money but points.

If you invest 50 euros, you receive 1 point and continue accumulating as you add new investments. The prizes won by accumulating points are as follows:

  • 900 points: International vacations (You will be Regional Director)
  • 2000 points: A Honda car or its value (you will win a special offer)
  • 9000 Points: A car of the BMW brand or the equivalent price (you will be regional president).
  • 21000 Points: A Porsche car or the equivalent in Euros (Executive President)

Membership details

The moment you enter the BizzTrader page, you will notice that they offer you an education campaign to train you. You have several language options, which makes it a profitable business in several countries. The Membership to be part of BizzTrader has a value of 10 Euros.

Likewise, you will have to make a minimum investment of 50 euros to build a path of supposed opportunities. If you intend to make money with a company, at least make sure that the company does not scam you later


The BizzTrader company lacks livelihoods, and during 2020 has come up with a way to pay its percentages. Although the investment is in Euros, the company intends to return the investments with a Cryptocurrency taken out by them. It is unheard of for a Cryptocurrency that has little recognition for serving you to recover the euros you have invested at the beginning.

BizzCoin has appeared specifically in April within the Bilaxy platform, trying to position itself in the market. Do not be fooled by false promises, and try to be very careful about how you distribute your money online. In addition to this, remember that you will be the means to cheat other people and stay as part of the robbery.

Until now, BizzCoin has a market price of approximately 44 cents, which does not show much frequent earnings. Also, there is the fact that outside the Bizztrader system, Cryptocurrencies do not have any market validity like Bitcoin. Although, in the beginning, it was agreed that the participants would gain the value in Euros, a Cryptocurrency rarely appears out of nowhere.

When the time elapses, BizzCoin will be the only promise of payment that the delusions who have invested their money will have.

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