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Is it PI-NETWORK a scam?

2020-07-21 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

Is it PI-NETWORK a scam?

2020-07-21 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
Is it PI-NETWORK a scam

The cryptocurrency business has been popularizing over the years, specifically since 2008. Whenever you talk about BTC, you automatically think of incredible profits, and many corporations have wanted to take this over.

Today PI-NETWORK has a cryptocurrency that wanted to be part of this world, but its structure was a total disaster. Behind the crypto are large companies that wanted to make their profits and get rid of the tax, but managed to be a scam.

Every time a new crypto is created or built, many things must be analyzed, including stability. PI-NETWORK had no stability anywhere; it was just a front to invest in nothing with profits based on nothing.

The whole PI-NETWORK trick was revealed in a matter of months as it entered the crypto market and stumbled upon reality. The crypto never had a chance with great phenomena like Bitcoin or Etherium that have revolutionized the entire market.

PI-NETWORK was only the combination of greed and the desire to spoil the lives of delusional people and to progress. It gave many benefits that it could never really fulfill because it was “nothing” offering something that it did not have.

Currently, there are many reviews and advertisements for the cryptocurrency because its life in the market is relatively new, and they still have hope. You will learn that PI-NETWORK is a scam, part of a network where they offer things that they will never cover or want.

Get your mind ready to understand why PI-NETWORK is just a pretty picture with no benefit to your future economy. Investing in this crypto is like throwing your money away, you will never make a real profit, and it will vanish.

PI-NETWORK and its history in the crypto

All cryptocurrencies have a story to tell, for example, bitcoin had nothing, and today it is the highest paid currency. Unfortunately, PI-NETWORK has not had that luck despite having been on the market for more than one year.

PI maintains its original launch value, which is zero, has not risen despite being supported by large companies. As there is no progress in a cryptocurrency, doubts begin to emerge among economists who ask themselves, is PI-NETWORK spam?

The spam accusations are not the only thing that PI-NETWORK has faced; other speculations revolve around it today. The Ponzi scheme is also discussed for the crypto by offering benefits in exchange for a minimal investment that disappears.

Speculations always revolve in the crypto market; perhaps they are not confirmed, what is certain is that PI is not good. If you want to make money, you don’t have to bet on PI-NETWORK, your waste of money and time will be incredible.

The crypto’s goal was free mining through an app so that it could work anywhere. If you had a phone, you could already make money with PI-NETWORK, or so the customers supposed, in 1 month, you would see profits.

For now, people who continue to use PI-NETWORK have not seen earnings even with three months of working in mining. They hope that at some point, the crypto will release their money, and they will benefit from all that time invested.

They are almost null hopes, so its number of users daily stop using this bad app. Without guarantees, it is more than an option that popularity is declining, and that is what PI-NETWORK has today.

What was the app about, and what benefits did it provide?

The same creators of PI-NETWORK officially created the application; its objective was to mine the same crypto exclusively. By mining only the PI, you were supposed to earn money quickly, but it was not, you only lost time and money invested.

The idea of ​​extracting PI-NETWORK from your cell phone without doing anything and added to this did not drain your battery sounded fantastic. For many people, this was WOW! Something incredible packed with exponential gains, but you didn’t win anything.

You could also work with the referral market; it consisted of inviting your friends to register in the app. With the invitation and affiliation of your friend or family member, you earned a commission; the money was monetized in the app.

The real scam was not that they paid their users in the app, because they did; they saw the money reflected. The real problem was that they never let that money out and then exchange it in your local currency, that is, they were phantom profits.

The psychological factor that generated seeing your accumulated money in the app and saying, “I will earn more to get it out” was malicious. Many people got excited about the idea of winning thousands and thousands of dollars with their accumulated money in the application.

PI-NETWORK never told its users that there was no legitimate money involved in its package or structure as crypto. With no real money to change, what is investing your valuable time not to earn something? It was absurd.

Is the PI-NETWORK part of the scam? Public opinions

The reason is always with the client, and many PI-NETWORK users have only demonstrated their hatred of cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, news of this nature exists when many young entrepreneurs want to get the best out of crypto. For things like this, people lose faith in the crypto market and prefer to stick to the old.

With corporate scams, cryptocurrencies created based on nothing, the market is affected and, therefore, its popularity among users. Thanks to Bitcoin, there is still hope to emerge and pass this episode only as a bad taste memory.

PI-NETWORK left a big mark on its investors who lost up to $ 100 for a package that gave worthless “money.” Although registration is free, a minimum investment is required at some point, and this money went and disappeared.

The scam is incredible, neither for a free registration nor for having a light application does not take away the idea of ​​spam. If you want to waste your time, if you install this application, it is the only thing it serves, and it is the only benefit.

PI-NETWORK offer fantastic things that break the laws of reality at some point. They have the gall to offer a better payment than Bitcoin or other legendary electronic currencies in the crypto world.

Final Words

Nobody knows what will happen to the future of PI-NETWORK, those who invest will realize that it is a scam. It will never occupy a real space in cryptocurrencies; it will only serve for young delusions to see a profit opportunity a day.

Now you know everything about PI-NETWORK, use any application except the one that works with this cryptocurrency. Take advice as a future entrepreneur, instantly know which crypto is worth spending your time daily.

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