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What You Should Know About the Discovery Group Company?

2020-06-18 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

What You Should Know About the Discovery Group Company?

2020-06-18 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
Discovery Group Company Review

The bigger a business idea sounds, the more you must be careful not to lose your money on failed investments. Discovery Group is a company that seems solid and perfect to make investments of your savings. Now, the important is to realize it on time and do not waste your money on fictitious companies with little results.

Before starting to break down the reasons you should invest money in Discovery Group, you will know their strategy to catch victims. Discovery Group appears founded according to data from its same site in 2009 with a different name. Because a highly prestigious company would change its name to make a new foundation, it must be a very strange thing to read this.

Discovery Investment Joint Stock Company Vietnam is the original name this company used based on their profile story. This company is a foundation made by individual investors to make real estate investments and other important areas. He tells visitors how he hopes to convert and convert other millionaires through investments in works.

Many will think that it is a great idea to invest in a business idea like this because of its solidity but seems the more you review the promises of Discovery Group, the more you can be amazed by the profitability of being part of it. You may notice that there are many negative comments from the Discovery Group company when you start searching the internet.

The comments relate to people who made investments from their savings and have so far received no return on investment. Searching within the information on the page does not say much about the earnings that you will obtain. However, there is a section to contact the company’s scammers.

What Discovery Group Sells As An Investment Attraction?

First of all, Discovery Group does not sell any product; it only focuses its strategy on attracting new investors in the world. It sells itself as a nationally and internationally known company in the real estate field. Its headquarters are registered within Vietnam, and to be an international company, it needs to be recognized by other countries.

His focus is for people to see that it is good to invest with them in countless projects in development. Discovery Group invites all investors in the world to join in the development of projects that make good profits. It does not offer future projects, but invest in projects that are almost over and will allow you to earn money faster.

Without many specifications, it shows that it seeks to promote the cooperation of strategic partners and investors to conquer a more solid future. The business areas they include are finance, real estate, and M&A showing that you will win with any chosen area. If you only talked about improving your money with promises as beautiful as this, surely you would not hesitate to release your money.

The reality is that the company misled many people and now they cannot recoup their investments. This company invites foreign and national companies to join its projects and also individual partners. Rarely, being a company that sells with great elite does not offer recognition of its past work.

A company can’t let you be part of its projects without first vouching for the result. On the internet, M&A business ideas are making many profiteers fool people who just want to progress.

What Discovery Group offers in the M&A model?

M&A is a business model based on mergers and acquisitions of companies, managing to transfer investments to other companies.  Imagine that you can form a group to invest in a project and then discover that this project does not even really exist.

For scammers, nothing is impossible, and offering an M&A model is their door to get many beginner entrepreneurs. It is very difficult for a company to say many good things, but do not talk about economic figures in the end. If you invest 10,000 Euros, what will be the result of that investment? What are the projects that are available to invest?

Nowhere in the company information is there a review that explains what to do. Although they speak that they respect the personal objectives of their investors, they do not show the benefits of spending your money.

According to them, they hope to make a Pure Merger to unite several companies to create a new one by joining new forces. Likewise, they also want to make you believe that you can make investments by absorption, managing to enter into projects that are finished at home. Discovery Group offers its investors different areas so that they can confidently choose what best suits their objectives.

If you are cautious when looking for information about the company, you will realize that everything is the same. Each of the sections seeks to sell you ideas where you will always win, and your money will be returned quickly. Later you will be able to show what areas are shown for investments to attract people with little reasoning.

What are the Business Areas Offered by Discovery Group?

– Investment in real estate projects

This includes investments in houses, apartments, and shopping malls with a 50% development advance. When a project becomes stagnant, the Discovery Group sells investment ideas to fools who make unrevised investments. Most testimonies indicate that they never saw their projects flourish, and the money disappeared without any explanation.

– Ecotourism investment

They are investments that seek to promote tourism development without harming the environment, making money. An employee’s testimony shows that Discovery Group is selling false promises and that there is no way to arise.

– Investment in the urban area

All the projects shown by Discovery Group are located in Vietnam, making it easy to fool yourself. If you are an international entrepreneur, you can involve in an urban project that does not exist or is not related to them.

– Investment of hotel complexes

– Agriculture and high technology

These are the business models the company offers under the concept of M&A, but there is no evidence to support this. The organization chart information shows several managers; however, there is no information about them within the website. They can offer you an international correspondent position just looking for you to get investors who will be scammed later.

Just imagine putting your name on as a Discovery Group representative abroad and then cheating because of you.


There is no credible information to support that provided by the page, with negative comments predominantly. Every day new people have been disappointed financially and psychologically for putting their hopes on Discovery Group without accomplishing anything. There is no local business magazine that talks about this company as a leader in Vietnam’s real estate projects.

How is it that a company claims to be the market leader in investment projects in Vietnam and nobody talks about it. Don’t let yourself get caught up in false promises from this company, putting your money and reputation at risk.

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