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Torque Trading Review. Safe Company or Scam.

2020-04-21 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

Torque Trading Review. Safe Company or Scam.

2020-04-21 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
Torque Trading Review MLM

Torque Trading has been operating since July 25, 2019; its official website does not provide information on who its owners or owners are. The owner is Torque Group Holdings, but the information is incomplete in the British Virgin Islands.

There is information that the British Virgin Islands is a perfect place for scams, where there are not many regulations. So experts say that an MLM company that is safe and legitimate should not be there. This makes it an unreliable company to invest money in.

Many people want to know the safe and reliable companies in the market because nobody wants to invest or join a company that is a scam. Many similar companies have closed due to non-compliance problems or bad decisions.

With this information, you will be able to stay up to date and learn more about Torque Trading, and in the end, you will know if it is worth it or not.

What is Torque Trading?

It is a company that has an MLM business model, has a promised ROI that you can get from your trading platform. The company says its investment is used and placed in a group where they trade it for profit. Also, other methods, such as the arbitration that is financed by the company and maintains the ROI it promises.

Torque Trading has no products or services available, where affiliates can only market the affiliate membership of Torque Trading Systems.

When talking about MLM companies, it is always advisable to know who or who are their owners; in this way, it will be possible to know the owner’s background and experience. But as mentioned above on the website, this information is not detailed.

The website only mentions Bernard Ong, but his title in the company is not detailed.

Torque Trading Systems membership is known to be a minimum investment of 1 ETH. The company pays all commissions in Torque Coins, which will have no value in the real world.

This means that the same company determines the value of the internal currency provided by Torque Trading.

What products does Torque Trading Systems offer?

Torque Trading products


In the United States and in other countries, when an MLM company operates, it must offer retail products or services so that the business model can comply with the law. But in the case of Torque Trading, there is no retail product that offers.

All they offer is to become an affiliate member and refer others to earn extra money along with the ROI promised by the company. As you can see, there is little information on the subject of the products they offer.

Torque Trading Compensation Plan Operation

There are two ways in which the company pays commissions; these two ways are:

  • Reference commissions
  • ROI commissions

For you to participate and win with this business method, you must invest 1 ETH (Ethereum virtual currency). After your investment, the company promises you a return between 0.15% to 0.45% daily.

If you want to get a higher percentage of the returns of your downline members, you will need to increase your rank. If you want to earn ROI commissions, you must recruit at least one investor affiliate member. These ranges are as follows:

  • Agent Rank: If you want to qualify for this rank, you must recruit one investor member.
  • Inverter Rank: Only obtained when you invest 1 Ethereum.
  • Market classification rank: If you want to be in this range, you must recruit seven members classified as agents.
  • Regional Leader Rank: In this rank, you must recruit seven classified members of Market Leader.
  • Global Leader Rank: In this rank, you must recruit seven classified members of Regional Leader.

The website does not specify how the seven members should be recruited, whether it should be in person or should be from their downline.

Bonus commissions

Qualified agent members are not qualified to earn on your referral or downline ROI commissions. The commissions you can get from this bonus can be used in the MLM uni-level compensation plan.

If you want to know how the uni-level compensation plan works, here is a breakdown that will help you familiarize yourself:

  • 1: At this level of your compensation plan, you will only have your members personally recruited.
  • 2: The second level consists of your uni-level compensation plan that will have members of your team that your level 1 members were able to recruit directly into it.
  • 3: At level 3 of your compensation plan, you will only have team members of your second level members have personally recruited. And so on.

With this, people who are new to this type of compensation plan will be able to understand how it works. Depending on your rank in the company, the commission percentage, and how many levels you earn in the compensation plan will depend. There are a total of 9 levels from where you can win.

Is Torque Trading a scam, or is it a safe investment?

It may not be a scam, but this company has a lot of problems with its model to classify it as safe and reliable. It works similarly to companies that have the token as their currency, which has no real value outside the company.

No verified information certifies that the company is making legitimate profits. Companies that promise a return must be registered with the SEC in the countries in which it appears to do business, and in the case of Torque Trading, there is no information from such registration.

In that sense, experts not recommended to join Torque Trading because there is not enough information about the company. It is better to make investments in companies that are safe, responsible, and transparent to avoid scams.

Torque Trading offers the only source of income is new investments, that a company using this method to pay existing investors makes it an unreliable and responsible model.

This means that if the company does not obtain new investors, it may collapse, and many people will lose their money. This method turns Torque Trading into an MLM Ponzi scheme.

Final words

As we already mentioned, in this Ponzi scheme, when affiliate recruitment decreases, so will investment payments. This will drive this company away from ROI revenue and cause a collapse.

When this has happened with other similar companies, the affiliate members lose their money. Another point is the currency that offers no value; with that return, you will not be able to buy anything. Furthermore, the coin cannot be traded outside the Torque Trading company.

Find companies to invest your money that is an opportunity for you to earn money safely and reliably. With this information, you will be able to get to know this company and know how it works.

All experts recommend not using Torque Trading unless you want to risk your money and have a currency that you can’t use anywhere.

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