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Ibuumerang’s Well MLM Review – Planned Scams from Start to Finish

2020-04-08 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

Ibuumerang’s Well MLM Review – Planned Scams from Start to Finish

2020-04-08 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
Ibuumerang’s Well mlm review

Fictional companies have long tried to sell achievable dreams to people by giving them very painful disappointments. Ibuumerang has a very interesting history that it is good to study to avoid being scammed by this company in the future.

Understandably, people try to use MLM plans to get quick benefits and achieve a dream economy.

It is necessary to study how it has been the performance of fictitious dreams of lies that this company invented for its benefit. The reviews will include business plans from a general point of view and history.

Company History

This company bases all its arguments on offering travel discounts under the category of Internet MLM businesses. This happens when people buy a membership exposed by them to belong to the group of affiliates that will get benefits.

The company offers the travel of your dreams and other economic benefits. In fact, within the Page itself, it is shown that the niche of this company is travel discounts.

Of course, up to that point, the attractiveness is less. However, other promises make everyone interested. They offer you that you will have savings that you can exchange for cash to make the dream trip.

Many until they think that with this funny business, you can make a very good business opportunity. Now, the most important part is still missing, which is talking about the founder and his business life. Everyone who starts a new business wants to know what the life of the person who came up with the idea is like.

Business Team Members

According to the stories on their website, this company has two founders; one principal and the other as successor. The first is Holton Bugg, and the second is named David Manning, who owns the flights.

This is not all, as the scam is very credible and there are more members of the business team. So the chain of command or organizational structure looks something like this:

– Founder: Holton Buggs.

– Co-Founder: David Manning

– Vice President in business development: Terrance Gray

– Vice President of Marketing: Mark Kithcart

– Director for donations from the Buum Foundation: Peter Hirsch

– Travel Director: Lori Speers.

Each of these members has a very interesting category in their working life that leaves more than one roof rack open. This company has used its letters very well to convince the deluded of their businesses.

They backed the original launch with a well-known company promising a business compensation spot; this company is CountDow4Freedom. What is true is that marketing lends itself to scams on the internet.

The president of this company has a history of marketing advice at more than one company. But no substantiation is certain where its exposed brilliant performance can be corroborated.

Many controversies can arise every time you try to give a vision of the company supporting the steps of its members. It is a very big coincidence that all the travel companies where the president has been beginning to be bankrupt.

This is because people somehow lost interest in these companies after a while.

Ibuumerang business plans and their scams within them.

This company is subject to a product called iGo that offers discounts on flights for travel reservations. Within you, there is a wide variety of adjacent things to offer affiliates.

What is the Subject within the iGo Package?

  • Flights to different countries
  • Cars on Rentals from different countries
  • House to rent in the travel time
  • Hotels for the stay
  • Other services.

Each of these services offers discounts and when sales percentages are purchased through your affiliation. Then everyone who joins will start selling travel packages to their friends to make a profit on them.

According to the company, you will receive 25% of the profits you make from the trips you sold.

Other Earnings Offered from the iGo Package

There are other winnings offered to affiliate participants, as well as other cool packages. The gifts you will get as an alleged affiliation payment are:

– Gift cards for cash.

– Free meals in restaurants.

– Money rewards for shopping.

– Belonging to the best wine clubs.

– Other tentative prizes.

What do you owe in addition to the compensation plans of this company?


All of the award systems that the company offer are subject to various restrictions that affiliates must first overcome. After membership, the company asks each person to get a chain of clients to book.

On the other hand, an affiliate network is managed with your reference, and for their trips, they also win prizes. This plan is contemplated under an MLM, of course, divided into 14 levels or ranges in which you will earn dividends.

• TSA level

It is required to pay a monthly membership, and in addition to this, you must keep it paid every month.

• Director Level

People generate a total of 2,500 valid monthly points and have at least five clients

• Executive Level

5000 valid points and five clients

• Senior Executive Level

10,000 valid points and five active clients within the same company.

• Sapphire Level

Generate a total of 15,000 valid monthly points and ten active clients.

• Ruby Rank level

For generating a total of 40,000 valid points and having formed a team of 200 TSAs and ten active clients.

• Emerald Level

By generating 80,000 valid points monthly, 400 TSAs, and a total of 10 active clients.

• Diamond Level

At this point, a total of 200,000 valid points, 1,000 TSAs, and 20 active clients must have been generated monthly.

• Blue Diamond Level

For generating 500,000 valid points, 2,500 TSAs, and having 20 active clients in the month.

• Black Diamond Level

Generating 1,000,000 valid points monthly plus 5,000 TSAs and 20 active clients.

• Presidential Diamond Level

At this level, you must generate 2,000,000 points and 10,000 TSA monthly and at least 20 clients.

• Crown Diamond Level

5,000,000 points plus 25,000 TSA and 20 active clients.

• Double Crown Diamond Level

7,000,000 points and 35,000 TSA and 20 active clients.

• Triple Crown Diamond Level

1,000,000 points and 50,000 TSA and twenty active clients.

Up to this point, many people are under the illusion of living a million-dollar life because of those affiliations.


You could write an entire book with all the compensation that this company offers, but in general, everything is deception and all begins with a payment of $ 49.95.

For all the incomes that are not very feasible for the members, this type of business would be a total disaster in the future. It is recommended not to use this business because their licenses are not clear, and this generates losses of money for memberships.

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