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F2 Trading Corp Review: Another Ponzi Scam Company?

2019-10-02 bobbie 4 min read No Comments

F2 Trading Corp Review: Another Ponzi Scam Company?

2019-10-02 Bobbie Krueger 4 min read No Comments
F2 Trading Corp

Would you like to fully understand if F2 Trading Corp is a real company or if it’s a scam? Did you search F2 Trading Corp reviews to figure out the actual value of the company? Is F2 Trading Corp reliable? 

Currently, many people are asking themselves these questions. If you are looking for the answers to these questions, then keep on reading. In this article, the truth about F2 Trading Corp will be revealed to the smallest detail.

History of F2 Trading Corp

Do you want to hear something interesting? Fx Trading Corp is the predecessor of this corporation. The FX Trading Corp stopped paying to its investors, and thus, collapsed. However, they decided to open doors again. This time the name of the company is F2 Trading Corp.

So, the big question is: Is this a legit MLM company or just a scam?

F2 Trading Corp promised all previous members this time the company will be somehow different. This time the company won’t be a scam. They also promised that by joining now, they would recoup their investments. Further, According to many sources on the Internet, F2 Trading Corp managed to recruit over 200,000 gullible people. Moreover, they managed to do this in the first three days.

Furthermore, unlike other real companies, the information on the F2 Trading Corp website is very scarce. The “About Us” section consists of only the following words:

We are an intelligent platform, and we have a robot able to make thousands of daily operations with Bitcoin and Ethereum, our Exchange has a database with more than 1,500,000 users.”

Here, they claim they have more than 1,500,000 users, yet they fail to provide information about the company. Who owns the company? Who is responsible if something happens? When you scroll through their website, you will notice that almost no information is provided.

Owner of F2 Trading Corp

The owner of both FX Trading Corp and F2 Trading Corp is Philip Han. The Brazilian former Global Master Distributor of FX Trading Corp is now the frontman of F2 Trading Corp. We were lucky enough to find his current Facebook page.

Moreover, there are many negative comments under each post. People are furious. They have lost their entire savings or their initial capital. Now, these people are trying to warn other investors. Unfortunately, they were all deceived by Philip Khan. If you want to see for yourself,  here’s a link to Philip Hans’ Facebook page.

Further, as a typical MLM model, the more people an investor brings in, the more the investor climbs up the ladder. Unfortunately, not only the investors but also their friends, who they have been able to persuade to join this company, are now victims.

One way or another, they were all deceived in one way or another. Some people did not receive the promised bonuses. Others had problems withdrawing their money. However, they all came to the following conclusion: Philip Khan is a fraud! FX Trading Corp is a scam! So, do you think that F2 Trading Corp will be any different?

Unfortunately, there are 7.7 billion people in this world. And people like Philip Han count on that. However, the more people know this company is a scam, the better. 

About F2 Trading Corp

Are you still wondering whether F2 Trading Corp is any different than its predecessor? The predecessor scammed out. Chances are F2 Trading Corp is just another ponzi scam. Many people expect this company to fail, just like FX Trading Corp did. Once this happens, all investors will lose their money.

Furthermore, F2 Trading Corp has no products. Isn’t that suspicious? The only thing they “sell” is the affiliate membership itself. Moreover, there is a referral commission of 6%. It is paid on funds invested by personally recruited affiliates.

Further, F2 Trading Crop pays residual commissions on returns via a uni-level compensation structure. Moreover, the company pays residual commissions via a binary compensation structure. For example, if both sides of the binary team matched, affiliates are paid an 8% residual commission on funds. However, the maximum is $30,000 a day. All of this sounds too good to be true.

Is F2 Trading Corp a Scam or a Real Company?

F2 Trading Corp is a scam, just like its predecessor Fx Trading Corp. They claim to be generating ROI Revenue through trading. However, there is absolutely no proof of that. Philip Han and his team are merely reinvesting the newly invested funds. They use them to pay existing investors, of course. All of this makes the company one big Ponzi scheme.

After all, FX Trading Corp had huge success and proved to be making money. After it’s collapse, those involved in it probably got greedy. Thus, they have decided to start the new project. However, would they play by the book this time and not scam out more people? Or will they wait until they make a fortune this time?

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