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Omega Softwares Review: Build Wealth or a Scam MLM?

2019-11-18 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

Omega Softwares Review: Build Wealth or a Scam MLM?

2019-11-18 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
Omega Softwares MLM Review

Lately, MLM companies are becoming smarter when it comes to how they operate. This time, our focus is on Omega Softwares. This software development company has over a decade of experience in building web applications and software.

However, we had some severe reports regarding the legitimacy of Omega Softwares. So, we decided to do another honest review. This time, our focus will be on this multi-level marketing company.

If you are curious and you want to know the truth, then you should keep on reading as we will uncover every hidden detail about Omega Softwares. So, let’s get started.

What is Omega Softwares?

Nature of Business: Service Provider

Company CEO: Arihant

Registered Address: 114, City Mall Complex, Near Pendharkar College, Dombivli East, Mumbai – 421203, Maharashtra, India

Total Number of Employees: 11 to 25 People

Year of Establishment: 2001

As we mentioned earlier, this is a software development company. Moreover, they provide professional web development services, such as e-commerce website development, site development, website designing, portal website development, web application development, domain name registration, website hosting as well as SEO services.

Also, the MLM company offers mobile app development and enterprise resource software development. Further, all Android, iPhone as well as iPad users can enjoy the many benefits of the mobile application development services. Meanwhile, the ERP services focus on School Management, Hotel Management, as well as Hospital Management Systems.

Furthermore, Omega Softwares offers end-to-end customer relationship management. Moreover, the company was first established back in 2001. However, for a company that is almost 20 years old, we found some things to be suspicious. For example, the Omega Softwares Instagram page has only 58 followers and absolutely no posts. On the other hand, the Facebook page was created back in 2014.

More About Omega Softwares

As you probably know, the innovative social media platform was created in 2004.  Also, the company generates almost no web traffic. Further, Omega Softwares claims to be using the latest technologies and to have multiple giant clients. However, the numbers somehow don’t add up. If they were indeed a successful top leading MLM software provider, then why don’t they have a monthly website traffic or at least 1,000 followers on Instagram?

From the complete information that we were able to find out, or more likely the lack of one, Omega Softwares seems to be an untrustworthy company. There is no information about the person who runs the company as if he is a ghost. Also, there is something odd about the lack of website traffic. However, we will continue this review. So, keep on reading to find out what products Omega Softwares offers.

Products and Services

Typical for a big MLM company, Omega Softwares offers various products as well as services. Currently, the MLM software provider offers the following products:

  • Softwares
  • MLM Website
  • Website Designing
  • App Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Payment Gateway
  • Game Development

It’s important to note that the company is focused primarily on the Indian market. However, they claim to have corporate clients all across the globe. Unfortunately, there is no evidence about either having or not having clients from around the world. But, if they have, then they offer them the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Cheque
  • DD
  • Online
  • RTGS
  • Bank Transfer

Moreover, currently, Omega Softwares offers six MLM plans, and they are: 

Binary Plan

Key features of MLM Binary Plan

  • Online and web-based application
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Clean and user-friendly Interface
  • Tech support
  • Highly accurate and Consistency
  • Highly Customized

Key Features of MLM Binary Plan Software

  • Member Management
  • MLM Report
  • Down-line Report. Left Right Member List
  • Genealogy Tree (Binary Tree, Referral Tree)
  • e-Pin Management – Generation and Unique e-Pin
  • Multiple Secure e-wallets
  • Payout Statement

Single Leg Plan

Key Features of the Single Leg Plan

  • First-come first-serve concept
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy joining
  • Joining by eTicket
  • Earn more and more profit

Key Features of Single Leg MLM Plan Software

  • Operator Panel
  • eTicket Panel
  • Member to member eTicket Transfer

Level Plan

Key Features of the Uni-Level MLM Plan

  • Easy to explain to any new member in the MLM Field
  • Compensation level specified by Company
  • Easy integration of Rewards and incentives
  • Online Payment systems integration

Generation Plan

Key Features of the MLM Generation Plan

  • Web-based application
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Clean and user-friendly Interface
  • Tech support
  • Highly accurate and Consistency
  • Highly Customized

Matrix Plan

  Key Features of the Matrix Plan

  • Online and web-based application
  • 100% Cost-Effective
  • 24/7 Online Access
  • Clean and user-friendly Interface
  • Tech support
  • Highly accurate and Consistency
  • Highly Customized

Key Features of the MLM Matrix Plan Software

  • Customized Matrix MLM Plan
  • Fix Width and Depth Structure
  • Very easy to follow and understand
  • The company can set Tree Width as per requirement

Board Plan

Key Features of the MLM Board Plan Software

  • Single Board
  • Multi-Board
  • Shuffling Board
  • Auto Filling Board
  • Manual Filling Board

Uni-Level MLM Software

Currently, this is the most used and preferred MLM plan. It involves two to ten levels in depth.

Moreover, similar to any other MLM company, here users can recruit other people. Of course, the higher the number of recruited people, the higher the reward. In other words, Omega Softwares offers its affiliates easy profits.

Furthermore, Omega Software promotes Uni-Level MLM Software as the best way to earn money. According to them, it is fast and 100% safe. Moreover, the software uses the latest technology and gives users full control of their MLM business. Also, there are no monthly fees, and the software is considered to be easy to understand and manage.

Another advantage of the Uni-Level MLM Software is the unlimited sub-dealer option. In other words, each affiliate can have as many sub-dealers under them as they want. This means that Omega Softwares has found a great way to motivate its users.

So, as the goal of the company is to have as many people as possible using their services, they have created Level Compensation Plan commissions. And indeed, with this multidimensional IT company, there are numerous bonus options as well. And just like other MLM companies, they are not too different. Which makes us wonder if this is not another Ponzi scheme.

Currently, Omega Softwares offers:

  • Compensation Plan
  • Sponsor Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Rank Advancement Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus Pool
  • Coded Bonus

Bottom Line

As a multidimensional IT company, Omega Softwares provides a wide and varied range of products and services. However, this company seems to ignore the fact that people want transparency. Currently, Omega Softwares looks more like a pyramidal MLM scam.

Also, according to people, who used to work for this IT company,  Omega Softwares is more like a freelancer office. So, is this the reason why there is not enough information about Omega Softwares on the internet? Or are they hiding their real face – the face of an MLM Ponzi scheme?

Further, many investors and multi-level marketers would agree with us that the various products, as well as bonuses this company offers, are somehow suspicious. In conclusion, we would say that this company is not transparent at all. Also, it would be wiser to look for another MLM company as this one might end up being a Ponzi scheme.

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