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GladiaCoin: The Company That Scammed So Many People

2020-01-13 bobbie 4 min read No Comments

GladiaCoin: The Company That Scammed So Many People

2020-01-13 Bobbie Krueger 4 min read No Comments
GladiaCoin MLM Review

Recently, the ROI Ponzi scheme has been getting a lot of hype. Further, former members of this platform are furious, and they are hyping all over social media. Some of these affiliates have invested their life savings in this platform.

However, instead of earning a small fortune, the company scammed these people. Not only this, but now, the company has a new “descendant.” The team behind GladiaCoin moved to TwiceCoin. 

So, do you want to learn the truth about MLM Ponzi Scheme that scammed so many innocent people? Do you want to know whether TwiceCoin is a more reliable company that will deliver on its promises? Well, we will explain everything in this review. So, keep on reading. 

What is GladiaCoin? 

GladiaCoin is a multi-level marketing company that offers a 200% 90 day ROI. If you gave them a certain amount of Bitcoin, then they pay you every day a tiny portion of Bitcoin back. 

Moreover, once you join the platform, you can choose between different plans. 

However, GladiaCoin is not a reliable company as it could not deliver on its promise for a 200% 90 day ROI. GladiaCoin Ponzi Scheme collapsed in just a few months after it was launched.

Further, GladiaCoin provides no transparency when it comes to who runs or owns it. The background information on the official website of this company is scarce.

Of course, the website is gone. Even if you type in in your search engine, you won’t be able to reach the site. 

In the case of GladiaCoin, the only information we were able to dig out was associated with the domain name. The domain of the company was first registered in November 2016. Unfortunately, since the registration is private, we cannot know who made it. 

Typical of MLM Ponzi schemes, there is little to no background information. After all, GladiaCoin ended up being a complete scheme that scammed thousands of people. 


GladiaCoin Products 

Typically, MLM companies have no retailable products, and GladiaCoin is not an exception. The company has no goods or services that can be sold to retail customers.

Of course, this is one of the many warning signs. GladiaCoin promotes only affiliate membership. 

Further, as you already know, the multi-level marketing platform promises a 200% 90 day ROI. Moreover, with GladiaCoin, affiliates can earn money in the form of commission.

Also, affiliates know that the more members they recruit, the higher the chances for better revenue they have. 


Joining GladiaCoin

Becoming a part of GladiaCoin requires all new members to invest in the company. Moreover, the investment has to be between 0.05 BTC and 4 BTC. Of course, the higher the investment, the higher the earning potential is. 


Compensation Plan and Residual Commissions

GladiaCoin guarantees a 200% ROI in 90 days. However, there is a catch. To receive the ROI, affiliates have to invest Bitcoins in the platform.

Moreover, GladiaCoin offers seven different levels making it possible for members to choose the best investment option. Let’s take a look at the main seven levels of investment. 


  • Spartacus 1 — Invest 0.05 BTC and get ROI after 90 days
  • Spartacus 2 — Invest 0.1 BTC and get a 200% ROI after 90 days
  • Spartacus 3 — Invest 0.3 BTC and get a 200% ROI after 90 days
  • Spartacus 4 — Invest 0.5 BTC and get a 200% ROI after 90 days
  • Spartacus 5 — Invest 1 BTC and get a 200% ROI after 90 days
  • Spartacus 6 — Invest 2 BTC and get a 200% ROI after 90 days
  • Spartacus 7 — Invest 4 BTC and get a 200% ROI after 90 days


Another way affiliates can earn money is through residual commissions. GladiaCoin uses a binary system that has no limit on the number of levels.

Typically, the commission depends on the Spartacus level you invest in. The more expensive the plan you choose, the better. 

For example, if you choose Spartacus 6, you will earn higher commissions, and your daily earning cap will increase. It’s all part of the genius Ponzi scheme plan.

Spartacus 1 level affiliates can earn a 5% commission with a daily cap of 0.1 BTC. Meanwhile, Spartacus 7 members can earn a commission of 15% and 8 BTC daily cap.  

  • Spartacus 1 = 5% commission
  • Spartacus 2 = 6% commission
  • Spartacus 3 = 7% commission
  • Spartacus 4 = 9% commission
  • Spartacus 5 = 11% commission
  • Spartacus 6 = 13% commission
  • Spartacus 7 = 15%commission


Bottom Line

A dear reader of ours asked us recently why are we writing about scam companies that have already collapsed. It was a fair question. By writing reviews about multi-level marketing companies, we are trying to make it more clear, to people who are unaware, how MLM companies actually work. 

And by writing about no longer existing Ponzi schemes, we are focusing on the warning signs and things that lead to the total collapse of the Ponzi scheme every time. In other words, we are trying to highlight the suspicious things that were going on with multi-level marketing companies. 

In the case of GladiaCoin, the company was a typical cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. Furthermore, TwiceCoin operates on the same business model as GladiaCoin. It won’t be long before the company reveals its true nature of the business. 

Unfortunately, these kinds of pyramid schemes exist and are evolving. So, you have to be extremely careful when it comes to multi-level marketing companies where you are promised to double your money. 

Moreover, in many cases, the people who usually refer you to such websites are either family members, who want to help you, or affiliates who will profit from you.

Further, if a friend of yours also tells you that they have found an easy way to make money, make sure you do your homework first. Don’t trust any company that doesn’t provide the necessary information about the business model, who runs or owns it.

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Bobbie Krueger

Bobby Krueger has a degree in journalism. Looking for alternative sources of income, Bobby discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and has been active in the cryptocurrency market ever since. He is a professional cryptocurrency trader now. Bobby is a passionate writer too. He joined MLM Team and has committed to the idea to spread knowledge with others.

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