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Vexa Global Review: Scam or Real Opportunities

2019-09-10 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

Vexa Global Review: Scam or Real Opportunities

2019-09-10 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
vexa global review mlm

Are the intentions of this young cryptocurrency company good? Currently, the company has highly developed online marketing campaigns. But what do they aim for with these ads? Do they want to impose on the market faster? Or do they want to deceive and rob more people before their site collapses?

In this article, we will focus on the most important facts we found out about this company. Our goal is to show people all over the world what the real agenda of this MLM company is.

Vexa Global | Company Information

Sadly, there is not enough information about this company on the internet. Even though the company is getting a lot of attention, Vexa Global provides little to no information about their business.

“Company History

On July 16, 2015 – Ernest Bogdanov founded Global Partner LLC. Uses his own experience gained during his professional career. The company specializes in providing financial analysis and creating analytical tools for the forex market.

In 2016, the company entered a new blockchain technology sector. As we all know, this was a breakthrough year for all crypto enthusiasts. Ernest and his analytic team exactly know when to enter the market and take big profits of it.

In 2017, seeing the huge market opportunity, the company effectively multiplies capital by investing in cryptocurrencies. They learned a lot about crypto and the whole market. They decided to develop more tools for traders and crypto users.

In 2018, the company entered the sector and supported startups. Bogdanov and his team were always looking for a great investment with the possibility of high ROI. They saw huge potential in emerging markets and crypto enthusiastic.

In 2019, Global Partner LLC has opened up to an individual customer around the world and opened Vexa Global platform, which gives the opportunity to profit from new technology and trading. As they have fundamental knowledge about emerging markets is the best opportunity to join the well-trained team of managers and traders.”

Source: Vexa Global

This information is on the official website of Vexa Global. And any interested investor would doubt this information. Why? Because who is Ernest Bogdanov? Why is there no information on the internet about this person? If he is the founder of Global Partner LLC., then shouldn’t there be articles and news related to his name?

Also, just two years after the opening of this company, Global Partner LLC. began to support startups. A year later, Vexa Global also appeared. Our question is: how did the company evolve so quickly to support startups? Where does all the company’s capital come from? And why is information about such a large company so scarce on the Internet? Who is Ernest Bogdanov?

Yes, the name of this person can be seen in several places on the company’s website. Unfortunately, this is not enough to determine whether he is a real or a fictional person. So, it would be safe to say that the identification of this person is inconclusive.

Moreover, while researching this company, the strange approach they had failed to escape our gaze. Very scanty information can be found on the company’s website. And we found that to be disturbing. On their site, you can see a bit of information regarding Vexa’s history, who the company’s CEO is and what they offer. But is that enough?

Unrealistic Promises of Passive Income | 1% Daily Earning

Vexa Global promises enviable passive income rates to anyone who becomes a member. It offers a 1% daily return for 130 – 180 business days. Isn’t that a great passive income source? Moreover, the company processes withdrawals manually. Also, they give an affiliate bonus of 6%. So, who would invest their saving in such a promising platform, right?

The worst part is nothing of this is right. There are many adverse reports and feedbacks from Vexa Global members. Apparently, the company is not paying as promised. Many people have not received their payments. Moreover, some people had a problem with their withdrawals.

With this information in mind, investors should not waste their money by investing in Vexa Global. Your time and effort will be much appreciated with the right platform.

Is This an Approach of a Legitimate or a Scam Company?

While going through the official Facebook page of Vexa Global, we came upon something interesting. On Vexа’s Facebook page, posts like this can be seen:

“We are happy to inform you that we have opened the opportunity to buy tickets for our Winter Trading Camp in Thailand from November 29, 2019 to December 2, 2019!

The Winter Trading Camp in Thailand will be held in Hua Hin 5* Resort.

To participate in this event you need to buy a ticket. The ticket price for one person is $949, you can buy up to two tickets per one account.

Remember that the number of tickets is LIMITED – only 100 tickets.

So hurry up so that you can be with us during this Winter Trading Camp!”

The cost of one ticket is $949. But this ticket does not include a plane ticket, nor transportation, or even the hotel stay. The ticket allows the person who has it, to participate in this event. If all tickets are sold, that makes a total of $94 900. What will Vexa Global do with such an amount?

We will leave this for you to decide. However, our question is: Is this an approach of a legitimate or a scam company?

Bottom Line

At the beginning of this article, we had many questions in mind. Currently, we think Vexa Global is just another Ponzi scheme. Yes, some people might have the luck to make money from a project like Vexa Global. However, this company is not sustainable and is likely going to turn into a scam.

However, if you have decided to invest your savings in this company, you should be more careful. Vexa Global will likely work for a few years before robing all investors. When this happens, if you have invested in Vexa Global, you will lose your initial capital.

Of course, the decision is yours. However, we are trying to show the real face of MLM companies. Most of them are startups and have only one goal in mind. How to fool as many people as they can to make as much money as they can.

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