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Synergy Worldwide Review: Ponzi Scheme or A Health Solutions Company?

2019-09-26 bobbie 5 min read No Comments

Synergy Worldwide Review: Ponzi Scheme or A Health Solutions Company?

2019-09-26 Bobbie Krueger 5 min read No Comments
Synergy Worldwide Review

Since 1999, this MLM company is looking for ways to transform lives around the world. They offer high-quality health solutions. Moreover, the company provides a way in which people can make money by recruiting people and selling products.

There is no wonder why people want to know if this opportunity is real or if this is just another tricky Ponzi scheme that managed to stay around. Are you one of those people who are wondering about joining Synergy Worldwide? Well, we have gathered the essential facts about this MLM company that will help you make a decision.

As we said, Synergy Worldwide is operating since 1999. The company headquarters location is in Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States. Moreover, the Founder of the company is Dan Higginson. Also, the current president of Synergy Worldwide is Dan Normann.

Further, Nature’s Sunshine Products is the parent organisation of Synergy Worldwide, which has been founded in 1972. Currently, investors that are interested in investing have the opportunity to buy shares in this company. | Nature’s Sunshine Products Common Stock NASDAQ: NATR

About Dan Higginson and Dan Normann

Before we start with information about these two people, it’s important to note something else. As a fact, we know that Synergy Worldwide and Nature’s Sunshine Products joined forces 19 years ago – in 2000. So, it took Synergy Worldwide only one year to grab the attention of this giant. Was this intentional? If they scam out, will Nature’s Sunshine Products step in and take responsibility for the actions of Synergy Worldwide?

Moreover, Dan Higginson, who is the founder of Synergy Worldwide, was also a team leader for the Covey Leadership Center. Also, he was a consultant not only in America but in Asia as well. Furthermore, he sits on the Board of Chancellors for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. So, it would be safe to say that this philanthropist has enough experience to run an MLM company. But are his intentions pure?

However, the person responsible for the worldwide growth of this company is Dan Normann. According to the website of Synergy Worldwide the company operates in 25 countries – Australia, Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Vietnam. By using his skills and knowledge, Dan Normann made this possible.

Moreover, the company was performing well. They even had enjoyed a massive growth rate in recent years. However, currently, the company is facing serious difficulties. For example, there was a $1 million decline in sales in parts of Latin America. But why? There was no such information available on their website. What are they not telling us?

Furthermore, judging by their website traffic, there was a massive decline as well. Statistics from March 2019 show there were almost 400k monthly visitors. The numbers decreased to 77k in June 2019. Unfortunately for the company, they have not risen since. This raises the question: What is going on behind the curtains? Will the company tank soon?

Products of Synergy Worldwide

This multi-level company is focused on developing high-quality health, wellness, and weight loss products. Moreover, they have many products that at first glance, seem fine. And some of the most popular products are:

  • Proargi-9+

An L-Arginine supplement

Enhances several systems in the human body

  • Heart Health

A pack of supplements that promotes cardiovascular health

  • Core Nutrition

Strengthening and detoxifying formulas

  • Weight Management

Proteins, amino acids, cleansing herbs

Helps grow lean muscle while losing weight

  • Fitness

An L-Arginine based pack

Boosts energy and nutrition while improving workout recovery

  • Personal Care

Cosmetics line for skincare

Currently, most of the products manufactured by Synergy Worldwide have L-Arginine. Moreover, the company relies and focuses on the many health benefits of L-Arginine. However, it is debatable whether L-Arginine is beneficial for human health.

According to recent studies, L-Arginine could be harmful in many ways. However, we won’t go into details due to many reasons. But, if the company knows this fact, why are they still using L-Arginine? They cannot be clueless, so why? Don’t they care? 

More About the Synergy Worldwide

For the past couple of years, Synergy Worldwide claims to be offering limitless earning opportunities. Apparently, the company has seen the vast potential every MLM structure has. So, they offer their customers the option to sell products, to gather a team of people and thus make extra money. For example, every sale you make brings you money.

Also, if you have recruited people in your team, then you will earn a percentage for every product they sell. Moreover, the bigger your team, the closer you are to becoming financially independent.

With Synergy Worldwide, you can get paid on a weekly or monthly basis. Actually, there are seven different ways. Also, Synergy Worldwide’s compensation plan pays out 55% of commissionable sales.

Weekly Payout

Product Retail: Earn a suggested 30% markup of all purchased products

Bonus: Earn a Fast Start Bonus

Elite Rebate: 25% rebate on all personal and customer product sales placed above the monthly Elite qualification sales requirement

Monthly Payout

Commission: up to 10% commission of your weak leg volume

Mega-Match: match up to 100% of all basic commissions earned by your personally sponsored downline.

Leadership Bonus: earn a percentage of your strong leg volume based on weak leg volume.

Global Share Bonus: By reaching 400,000 CV in weak leg volume, you can participate in a share of total company CV.

Cost of Joining Synergy Worldwide

The basic membership fee costs $24.95. After becoming a member and paying this fee, there are several membership levels you could choose from. Currently, Synergy Worldwide offers three different plans.

  1. Leader Plan – you need to purchase 150PV worth of product
  2. Executive Plan – you need to purchase 300PV worth of product
  3. Elite Plan – you need to purchase 500PV worth of product

Rank Advancements

Synergy Worldwide rewards all distributors. The bigger your team and business, the higher the commissionable volume (CV). Moreover, once you achieve a new rank, you will receive a certificate of achievement, online recognition, and even event recognition.

  1. Star 500 CV
  2. Bronze 1,500 CV
  3. Silver 3,000 CV
  4. Gold 4,500 CV
  5. Team Leader 6,000 CV
  6. Team Manager 14,000 CV
  7. Team Director 30,000 CV
  8. Team Elite 60,000 CV
  9. Pearl Executive 100,000 CV
  10. Emerald Executive 200,000 CV
  11. Diamond Executive 300,000 CV
  12. Presidential Executive 400,000 CV
  13. Double Presidential Executive 800,000 CV
  14. Tripple Presidential Executive 1,200,000 CV
  15. Legacy Presidential Executive 2,000,000 CV

The Million Dollar Club

Names of people associated with Synergy Worldwide’s “Million Dollar Club”:

  • Mark Comer – U.S.A – Triple Presidential Executive
  • Han Tae Hwang  Korea – Triple Presidential Executive
  • Yun Tae Hwang – Korea – Triple Presidential Executive
  • Young Cheon Kim – Korea – Double Presidential Executive
  • Yoo Tae Jeong – Korea – Double Presidential Executive
  • Young Ok Park – Korea – Double Presidential Executive
  • Takashi Oda – Japan – Double Presidential Executive
  • Dianne & Lorin Leavitt – U.S.A. – Double Presidential Executive

Bottom Line:

So, is this a long-term MLM Ponzi scheme or is this a legit company? According to our sources, currently, the company is keeping its promises. However, given the fall in their website traffic, the drop in sales, and the L-Arginine they keep using in their products, it is likely that the company will go bankrupt soon.

This company might have been a great choice once, but now it would be risky to put your money in it.

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