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Bitrading 888 Review: The Brazilian Ponzi Scheme

2019-09-18 bobbie 4 min read No Comments

Bitrading 888 Review: The Brazilian Ponzi Scheme

2019-09-18 Bobbie Krueger 4 min read No Comments
Bitrading 888 Review

Are you a part of the Asian market? Well, if you are or you are merely interested in it, then certainly you know the name of this company. Moreover, if you have invested money in this company, then you should read this review.

About Bitrading 888

First Instagram Post: April 16, 2019

First Facebook Post: April 17, 2019

First YouTube Video: Jul 31, 2019

This MLM company is focused on three main categories – Crypto Trading, Sports Trading, and Forex Market. Moreover, according to our sources, the page was created in April or May. As the company is new to the market, it is almost impossible to have already deceived people.

Further, most MLM scams exist for one to two years before they stop paying their customers. Will this one last longer than a year?

History and Owner of Bitrading 888

Currently, there is little to absolutely no information about the history of the company. Also, the name of the owner or the team behind this genius ROI scam is unknown.

What Does Bitrading 888 Offer?

Bitrading 888 promises up to 2% daily profits on all of their eight investment packages. Moreover, as compensation, the company pays 5% of what the investors’ referral invested when at level 1. At level 2 to level 6, investors receive 1% of what the referral invested.

Furthermore, the company stimulates its affiliates by promising different bonuses when they qualify for a particular Rank.

For example, at Rank Bronze, users who have 50 000 points will earn $500. However, if the investor qualifies for Rank Diamond and has 2 500 000 earned points, he will win not only $25 000 but also a brand new Audi Q8. The highest price is when the affiliate qualifies at Rank Black Diamond. The prize is $1 000 000 and Zephyr Helicopter. Tempting, right?

With Bitrading 888, each earned point equals $1. Moreover, affiliates can receive up to 16% on team revenue. They also receive 10% of the volume that is generated by their weakest leg.

Is Bitrading 888 a Scam or a Real Company?

Unfortunately, there is not enough information about this company. By looking at the website, it seems like Bitrading 888 is focused on the Asian market. Moreover, the company claims to be based in London. However, more than half of the site’s traffic comes from Brazil. Why does Bitrading 888 have traces in three entirely different points of the world?

This information raises some serious questions. First, where is Bitrading 888 really based? And second, are the company’s intentions good?  Let’s try to find the answers to these questions.

Where is Bitrading 888 Based?


Really? Bitrading 888 has managed to deceive many people on this matter. They even have a video on which viewers can see nice offices in London. The suspicious part is that the building in which the offices are offers short term leases. We highly doubt they actually use these offices. More likely the company has signed a short term lease and instantly hired a film crew. 


When going through their site, we noticed Portuguese words in the title of their PDF presentation. Not only this, but more than half of their site visitors are from Brazil. So, could they be based in Brazil or are they simply taking advantage of the people there?

Moreover, for those who don’t know, Brazil is the country where most Ponzi schemes originate.  Is this a coincidence?


When trying to load their site, Bitrading 888 asks to choose a preferred language – English or 中文 Chinese. If the company is headquartered in London, then why are they targeting people who are about 7,000 km away? Of course, no one will travel 7,000km if scammed, right?

Site Traffic

Five are the countries with the most session in Bitrading 888 website. The first place is for Brazil, with almost 62% of all visitors. The second and third placeс are for Colombia – 4.89% and Venezuela – 4.23%. Next two spots are for Ukraine – 2.93% and

Portugal – 2.46%.

Are Bitrading 888’s Intentions Good?

After reading all the information in our review, do you still believe there is even a 1% chance that this company is legit? We sincerely hope you have come to the right conclusion. Bitrading 888 is a new Ponzi scheme, and you should not invest your money in it. This company is another scam that is designed to scam as many people as possible, leaving a trail of victims.

Typically, these companies last up to one or two years. We expect this one to collapse in six to ten months. In the meantime, hopefully, more people will seize true Bitrading 888’s lies. Moreover, there are many Ponzi schemes out there. The competition is indeed fierce. All of this makes it nearly impossible for new MLM Ponzi Schemes to last long.

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Bobbie Krueger

Bobby Krueger has a degree in journalism. Looking for alternative sources of income, Bobby discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and has been active in the cryptocurrency market ever since. He is a professional cryptocurrency trader now. Bobby is a passionate writer too. He joined MLM Team and has committed to the idea to spread knowledge with others.

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